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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Christmas Clean up

Mummy spent the day packing my things into boxes, she said I am only left with 1 toy to play with for the rest of the week. I got the shock of my life, how could this be happening to a cute little 5yr old jrt who just celebrated her barkday. I was frantically scratching and biting the boxes to get to my treasures, Mummy got angry and took out the long lost "Heavenly Sword", ok she won, I back off for now.

Mummy even kept my bed, I went back laying on my usual hideout and there was no bed. It makes me moody. I want my toys and bed back.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I am 5 yrs old today

I am a active 5 yr old Jrt today, Mummy is not in a good mood to hold any celebration for me this yr, but she still brought me to meet up the Jackerteers and to celebrate christmas at Bubble house. I had fun meeting them as its been weeks since I last saw them. Mummy wish is to try her best to be with me as long as possible.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

S&R Training in a Dark Room, probably the last time to be there with Mummy

Today, the officers gave a new task to me. They wanted to test if I'll be able to search in complete darkness together with Mummy. I was lead to the 2nd storey and started searching. It was so fun, even though Mummy could not see where I was, I knew exactly where to go. I found my 1st victim in less than 10 mins. The 2nd one in another next 10 mins. For the 3rd one, the officers trick me leaving old scent and I was barking at the wall. Mummy knew something was not right and lead me to the rooms to continue to search. I managed to find the exact spot where the victim was after some time.

Mummy say this might be the last time I get to go there with her.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

No Outings for the time being

Mummy say no outings the next few weekends, its a sacrifice which I must understand. Mummy not looking so good recently. I got to be a good girl. Mummy compensate by buying me new toys to play when she got her pay.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Mummy posted in FB, saying she will never have another better dog than me. keke

Sunday, November 21, 2010

My 2 first tries

This Sat, Mummy brought me to a new place with a big garden and I saw a swimming pool. Nope, Mummy did not win any ToTo to get me a landed house with a swimming pool. Its a chalet, Mummy had a BBQ gathering with her colleagues and they all wanted to see me.

Actually, I was not allowed to be in there as the security says that no pets are allowed, but I am no pet, I am the princess of the Tan family.

I had fun playing fetch with all the hoomans and they love my activeness. I managed to snack on some food too.

I was not tired from all the fun but I'm tired from staying inside the carrier for too long, I hate to be inside. I keep crying till my face was wet. But I was a good girl, Mummy for the 1st time took me on a bus, its so boring and Mummy had to pacify me so I will not make any noise during the trip. Mummy promised if I can be so quiet everytime I get into my gai gai bag, she will bring me to ECP again by bus haha. I doubt I be so obedient.

No pics as blur Mummy always forgets something when she bring me out, this time she forgot all about the camera, and so using her lousy handphone, she manage to record a vid of me playing with a guy of cos.

Monday, November 15, 2010

My new toys

Mummy bought a new squeaky toy and a chew bone for me, as usual I prefer the squeaky toy. I am so happy with it that it died within 10 mins haha.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

New AVA Rules

To enhance public safety, the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore has reviewed the Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules to tighten existing control measures for the management of potentially dangerous dogs in Singapore.

2 The review was conducted in consultation with stakeholders such as dog owners, animal welfare groups, veterinarians and the general public. The changes to Dog Licensing and Control Rules will come into effect on 15 November 2010.

Enhanced Control for Scheduled Dogs

3 The Perro de Presa Canario will be transferred from Part II to Part I of the potentially dangerous dogs listed in the Second Schedule under the Dog Licensing and Control Rules. The requirements for keeping a Part I dog will apply to all Perro de Presa Canario. This breed of dog will henceforth not be allowed to be imported and any dog that is already in Singapore for which a new license is applied will be required to undergo obedience training.
(The full list of dogs in Part I and II of the Schedule is attached in Annex A).

4 Only one dog from Part I or Part II of the Second Schedule is permitted to be kept in a premise. This will apply to newly licensed dogs and existing dogs will not be affected.

5 The keeping of dogs from Part II of the Second Schedule will also be subject to the following additional conditions:

i) All existing and newly licensed Part II dogs must be microchipped

ii) Owners of newly licensed Part II dogs must take up an insurance policy for at least $100,000 coverage against injury to persons and damage to property

iii) Owners of newly licensed Part II dogs must take up a banker’s guarantee for $2000

iv) Newly licensed Part II dogs must undergo obedience training

Enhanced Control for All dogs

6 Regardless of the breed, any dog that initiates an unprovoked attack and caused injury to a person or animal, will be subjected to one or more of the following control measures, depending on the severity of the bite :

i) The dog must be leashed and securely muzzled when in a public place

ii) The dog must undergo obedience training

iii) The dog must be microchipped

iv) Premises where the dog is kept must be secured to prevent its escape

v) The owner must take up an insurance policy for at least $100,000 coverage against injury to persons and damage to property

vi) The owner must take up a banker’s guarantee of $2,000

vii) Any existing banker’s guarantee would be forfeited for non-compliance and the owner must take up a fresh banker’s guarantee of $2,000.

List of Scheduled Dogs (with effect from 15 Nov 2010)

Part I
1. Pit Bull, which includes the American Pit Bull Terrier (which is also known as the American Pit Bull and Pit Bull Terrier), American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bulldog, and crosses between them and other breeds

2. Akita

3. Neapolitan Mastiff

4. Tosa

5. Dogo Argentino

6. Fila Brasileiro

7. Boerboe

8. Perro De Presa Canario (moved from Part II to Part 1 wef 15 Nov 2010)

9. Crosses of 1 to 8.

Part II

1. Bull Terrier

2. Doberman Pinscher

3. Rottweiler

4. German Shepherd Dog with its related breeds such as the Belgian Shepherd Dog and the East European Shepherd Dog

5. Mastiffs, including the Bull Mastiff, Cane Corso and Dogue De Bordeaux

6. Crosses of 1 to 5.

Summary of Control Measures with effect from 15 Nov 2010
(new measures are highlighted in bold)

Part I Scheduled Dogs
1. Dogs must be leashed and securely muzzled when in a public place

2. Dogs must be microchipped

3. Dogs must be sterilised if over six months of age

4. The owner must take up an insurance policy for at least $100,000 coverage against injury to persons and damage to property

5. The owner must take up banker’s guarantee of $5,000

6. Any existing banker’s guarantee would be forfeited for non-compliance and the owner must take up a fresh banker’s guarantee of $5,000

7. Newly licensed dogs must undergo obedience training

(Note : With effect from 15 Nov 2010, the existing 22 licensed Perro de Presa Canario will be moved from Part II to Part I of the Schedule. There are no other Part I dogs in Singapore.)

Part 2 Scheduled Dogs
1. Dogs must be leashed and securely muzzled when in a public place

2. All existing and newly licensed dogs must be microchipped

3. Newly licensed dogs must undergo obedience training

4. Owner of newly licensed dog must take up an insurance policy for at
least $100,000 coverage against injury to persons and damage to property

5. The owner of newly licensed dog must take up banker’s guarantee of $2,000

6. Any existing banker’s guarantee would be forfeited for non-compliance and the owner must take up a fresh banker’s guarantee of $2,000

All Dogs

1. Dogs must be leashed when in a public place

2. Any dog that has initiated an unprovoked attack and caused injury to a
person or animal, depending on the severity of the injury, would be subject to one or more of the following control measures:

a) The dog must be leashed and securely muzzled when in a public place

b) The dog must be microchipped

c) The dog must undergo obedience training

d) Premises must be secured to prevent the escape of the dog

e) The owner must take up an insurance policy for at least $100,000 coverage against injury to persons and damage to property

f) The owner must take up banker’s guarantee of $2,000

g) Any existing banker’s guarantee would be forfeited for non-compliance and the owner must take up a fresh banker’s guarantee of $2,000

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Need to build up stamina

Need to build up my stamina for my Search & Rescue training. Under the hot sun, my furry body gets tired easily. This is a big disadvantage to small dogs like me as we are so close to the ground surface.

Today I did a high jump like 3 times my body length, the officers and Mummy praise me for being a daring girl, pity Mummy did not capture it on camera.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you, Chantel Jie Jie

Mummy colleague bought me a tee from her trip to Taiwan. I keep looking back at it, I think I like the pokadots.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Deepavali

Today, Mummy decided to meet up with Renji Ma at urban pooch. ITs been ages since I've been there, think its almost a year. I miss that place very much and I was so happy to see Raye too. I keep jumping up to her and licking her non-stop.

Mummy discovered a bite on my leg and suspect it might be a red ant bite as I could not have been bitten by a tick as I am immune to ticks. Anyway, I am not in any discomfort.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My new dog tag

My new ID Tag which Mummy ordered it all thanks to DoMo ma for helping her.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fan Spoilt

Today, Mummy throw the fan out of the room as its spoilt. Its only been used for abt a yr and its gone. Mummy got to rush back after wk tmr to get a new fan cos I totally cnnt take the heat at all.

I with my kelian the look, Mummy on aircon early for me.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mummy in a bad mood today

Mummy is angry with the people around her, I can only lay down beside her on the bed. She don't allow me to go out of the room as she say no one will bother if I will fall sick or not. Best stay in the room.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ginger the dinosaur

Mummy bought a new nylon bone for me, its chicken flavour. I like it so much. Below is my Godma trying to snatch my bone from me. Mummy says I look like a dinosaur.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vid of my S&A Training

Its been long since i have updated my Search & Rescue Training. Today, I had to search for 3 victims at the big rubbles site. I did a good nearly half an hr search and tht really tired me out. I had to jump up and climb so many obstacles before I could find my victims. Its so fun and Mummy most of the time allowed me to do my own search.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Godma brought a pomelo which is so small that she decided to do something funny... ON ME!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Spoilt Ginger rolling to go gai gai

Monday, September 20, 2010

I am a whining JRT

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ginger love her treat.mp4

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mummy's Brithday

Mummy celebrated her birthday with Shine and Zhu mei mei at KDR with friends and their furkids. A lot of fun was created, I had my share of fun playing around and eating. Mummy was having so much fun carrying a pig which make me had a jump.

Mummy, I love you.

New treat from Mummy

Mummy brought new treat for me, looks like chinese sausages for CNY but its actually Kangaroo sausages. Ermm... what is a Kangaroo, anyway as long as its taste good, I am fine with anything.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My dental care

Mummy recently been avoiding my kisses of affection as she keeps saying my mouth smells like i ate 100 fishballs, stinks like fish.

Last week, she decided she needs to do something beside brushing my teeth everyday which I hate it as much as I hate cutting my nails. She brought plaque off for me. Its to be put into my daily food, it smells weird and I really hate it. But Mummy, she says if I don't eat my food, she will let me starve. I got no choice but to eat it.

But these 2 days, Mummy says my mouth smells better now.

Jumping Jack

Although I am bigger than those short-legged jrts, I am a better jumper than all of them. For the sake of my ball, I jump even higher.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brushing teeth

The 2nd thing I detest most other than cutting my nails, is brushing my teeth.

Friday, July 16, 2010



內障,失業半年的主人,也沒有錢可以幫愛犬動手術,只好帶 著莫力,到高雄熱鬧的景點城市光廊,來和遊客拍照募款,希望能籌到足夠的錢,讓莫力動手術,恢復健康。     阿公買來一大塊爌肉,接著就由 黃色的柴犬莫力負責拿,莫力即使口水都快流出來,但還是乖乖叼著肉不敢亂來。回到家老先生先用毛巾,幫莫力從頭到腳全身擦乾淨後,把今天午餐唯 一的一塊曠肉,全給了莫力。     飼主徐阿公:「莫力,吃!乖兒子,很乖!」     莫力十年來跟六十四歲的徐阿公朝夕相處,對獨居的他來說,莫力 是唯一的親人,他說他可以不吃飯,但絕不讓莫力餓肚子。阿公平常最愛溫柔的幫莫力梳理毛髮,莫力的眼睛都快瞇在一起,看起來好享受。 莫力是他的驕傲,只要他一出家門,莫力就會幫他叼手機,當手機一響,莫力就會叼給他。     但阿公年紀大了沒人願意雇用他,莫力有白內障開 刀要花一萬八,房租都交不出來了,要怎麼治病?他想說晚上去募款,遊客看到坐在狗雕像旁邊,一動也不動的莫力,就爭相合照,可愛的莫 力已經變成城市光廊的景點之一。阿公放上牌子寫著我有白內障要就醫,有人認為他用莫力斂財,請來警方多次取締企圖帶走莫力,當然他不可能離開莫 力,日子再難過,他也堅持要跟兒子莫力在一起。

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A sudden thought

As the oldest in the Jackerteers, taking care and protect the young ones from other dogs which might bully them is my duty placed on me by Mummy. I must be the one to rush first to danger as I am a good fighter too.

As the oldest, that would mean that I might be the earliest to leave for rainbow bridge too. Mummy always hope I can go in peace and painless. She cannot see me suffer at all, she would go berserk. But this is not under me or her control, its up to Buddha if I had paid off my karma so I will go peacefully.

I would like to be with Mummy for 20 years as what she wished for, and irritate her for 20 years, make her clear my pee and poo for 20 years, whine and quarrel with her for 20 years, make her spend all her $ on me for 20 years.

Mummy, we still have 15 years to go.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Talking in my sleep and "Fan Bai Yan"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


in action.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Truth & Justice

Mummy just asked me a question, do I as a dog know how to define truth & justice. I looked at her and with my eyes I replied, YES.

Justice is, I get to sleep on a bed with my LG aircon on in the night. I get to eat fresh meat and bones. Rides to my favourite play spots and meet up with my paw friends.

Injustice is, my fellow brothers and sisters are forced to eat, sleep and shit in a small area, they were never bathed, never loved, never touched by a pair hands that show love to them. They have to bear with the torture of being used as a breeding machine, as months and years passed, they gets weaker and weaker, till death takes them free from their pain.

Truth is, I am also a product from breeding. But I am lucky that my Mummy never thought of using me as a breeding machine. I could have landed in some evil hands, I might never have experienced a life of fun and laughter. Truth is, I am just a dog, I can't decide my fate, I cannot make any decisions in my life, I cannot choose who is to be my owner, I cannot chose to be outdoor trained or paper trained, I cannot choose what I am going to have for my dinner, I HAVE NO SAY IN MY LIFE.

My fellow brothers and sisters could be living in hell now and when they are "out of production", they be dumped cruelly and might just die while I am sleeping on my cosy bed. Our fate lies in the hands of humans, being the lucky ones, I must be contented with what I have and be loved by my Mummy till my last breath.

Whats untrue is, there is no one in this world right now can overturn our ill-fated brothers and sisters life to be changed. Humans making use of sympathy to gain selfish gains for itself. Acting as a saint in the making, but in actual fact, its always been a sinner. God was mistaken for a devil, Satan was a Angel. With a small brain like mine, I only think of food now. HAHAHAHA...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

75 Puppy Mill Dogs

I think most of us had heard and read the stories of the poor 75 dogs from this local puppy mill at pasir ris. At 1st thought, we all feel so sorry for the dogs and want to do something to help them, and so a group of people step out and decided they should buy over all these dogs from the puppy mill owner so they will stop from the suffering of excessive breeding. I bet most of us will see them as saviours for the dogs. But I think otherwise.

Why should 11K be spent helping the puppy mill owner get rid of his/her burden. He/Her got 11K selling stocks that could no longer bring in profit. Bet in his/her heart, he/she must be laughing out loud.

As a group of people getting busy with cleaning up the dogs and gathering donations of food, medical or funds etc. Do they realise, that the puppymill owner had already set up another puppymill nearby and are ready for business soon. I will certainly feel like a stupid idiot if I were one of them.

And do they know am0ong them there is a devil who is actually friend of the puppymill owner, who helps spreading words about these poor dogs conditions, making use of human sympathy to help the owner get rid of his/her burden. OMG, this is even more infuriating than being cheated of 11K. Bet that Mr D had a share of profit.

To think Mr D was known being active in a shelter, always able to "RESCUE" ex breeding dogs, I guess by now we all know why. Why all ex breeding dogs are always dumped to a poor old lady to care for and yet after all the hardwork, the old lady get badmouthed at.

Guess what cause the old lady is old and ignorant, some despicable low-life make use of her name, getting monthly donations all into his own pocket, not a single cent was put to use for its cause.

If any of you think caring for shelter dogs is easy as clearing the pee and poo, preparing the food to make sure all are well-fed. You are absolutely wrong. I admire people like the old lady who expect nothing in return except that all her dogs will be alive and well.

Mr D, i hope u burn in hell. For those who believe in a devil like him, please wake up. Think back all that had happen, you realise just what a fool you been. Its not too late to stand on the right side of justice and truth.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I & MY Chicken

Today, when Godma got back from Malaysia, she brought back a friend for me. I really love it a lot, till I can fight Mummy just for it.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I love my Search & Rescue Training

Its been SoSooooSooooo Long since I went for my S&A training, i totally forgotten that I am a S&A dog. Mummy said I must have forgotten all my skills by now. But she was wrong, as a smart dog with looks keke, how could I ever forgot what I am good at, and the handsome officers whom I love so much.

They miss me a lot too and I got all manja with them. I even had a swim in the training village after my training. They love playing fetch and see how fast I could swim. I want to go there every Saturday.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

GInger playing with a sexy leg Pt. III

no shame at all

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My changes for 4 yrs

time really flies, I am 4 yrs old now. I can't remember how Mummy got me but I know I am being loved by her all the times I am with her. I changed from a cute little puppy to a wise adult. I can take care of the young ones and also protect them if I can. I am so much different and Mummy say I am so much matured than before.

Though I have lost my cute looks but Mummy says I am still the love of her life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ah Boy & Lucky stay over for CNY

This year, my house ismore cramped than usual as besides Lucky, Ah Boy is also staying over for CNY. Their family is on a holiday and so Mummy forced me to take in both of them. I was not happy lor.

But Mummy been cooking for us for the past few days, that makes me feels so much better. Its been lonf since I've had Mummy cooked for me.

The boys all so lazy compared to me, they sleep after meals and so did Mummy, haiz. What a CNY this year.

Lazy BOY

Lucky fat butt

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Tiger New Year

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am being sent away again

Mummy sent me to Rain and Shine home today as she is going for a holiday. Its her 1st holiday since she had me, so relectantly, I allowed her to go and relax before starting on her new job.


Changi Beach Walk & Katong Dog Run

Its been a long time since I've blog. As Mummy was busy and bad things happened, she is not in a mood to let me use her macbook. But not to worry, as she still brings me out during weekends and I am still enjoying my life as a spoilt JRT.

Its a nice sunny sunday morning, and Mummy brought me to Changi Beach. Its a nice walk with nice scenery, nice smell of the sea but I am not allowed to swim as Mummy say its dirty. Well nevermind, I can always go TJ Beach.

After the walk, the hoomans drove us to Katong Dog Run, where they had their lunch and we had fun playing in the dog run as there were not other dogs.