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Saturday, May 30, 2009

My crazy saturday

Today, after Mummy brought me to the vicious vet for my yearly vaccine, I proceed to Auntie J house to meet up with Zhu and Zai before proceeding to Botanic Garden to meet up with the rest of the Jackerteers.

Upo reaching there, I realized there is a giant black machine at the living room and Mummy and Auntie Joy was saying that it will make us tired, and I am the only one in the Jackerteers which have not tried it.

Mummy she just grab me and leash me up, Auntie Joy pressed some buttons and I was being pulled backwards. Its choking me, but after a few mins, I manage to realize if I walk fast enough, I will be ok. I quite like it and Mummy was so happy seeing me walking on it.

After that, Mummy and Auntie Joy taking Zhu, Zai and me to Botanic Garden to meet up with the rest, we have a good 2 hrs walk exploring some of the places which we missed out last week. And of cause, we Jackerteers won't miss out our old friend, the hissing swan. When he saw us approaching, he swam towards us at turbo speed and began to hiss at us. I as the leader, I had to protect the pack, I tried to dash and give my best bite, but Mummy hold onto me tight. We create quite a commotion attracting other humans giggling and taking pics of us.

The Pawrents and us went to Sembawang Park where there is a nice resturant called Beaulieu House, we get to sit on the chair which is almost impossible in most food eating places whenever Pawrents are together with us. The Pawrents enjoyed their dinner so much and also have a small belated celebration for Bubble PawDaddy.

After all the above, all I have in the end is a tired body and I got to grab some sleep now as tommorrow is a long day ahead for me again.

Mummy is the GREATEST

I have the GREATEST Mummy in Singapore. (Cast the weight and size aside)

Mummy has been going through tough times for the past 2 months, not only she got to work late in the night while missing me. I know Mummy is hanging on for my sake, as she needs the job so she can buy nice and healthy food for me. She is grateful that even though she was having a hard time at work, there is me and her friends who are there to comfort her and give her encouragement.

I know Mummy is tired but she still bring me for my Jackerteers gathering. Though the body is tired but I know Mummy mind is relaxing as she can forget about her stress at work.

Mummy is sad that sometimes I will have to starve not because I'm picky about my food, but because she got to OT and can only feed me when she's home. But as a dog with strong character like Mummy, this is nothing. I still give Mummy my biggest licks when she home to comfort her. I love you, Mummy.

Mummy, its weekends again, cheer up and bring me gai gai ok.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Successful Weight Loss

Ever since Mummy decided I need to shed off some fats, she change my diet from HCF to Dr B. And with the help of the fellow Jackerteers Pawrents, I manage to shed off 600 grams within these 2 months. 

I was forced to starve once I'm picky about the food given, Mummy so hard hearted to me. And Uncle F who loves to bring Rain and Shine for long walks, manage to move Mummy legs going and I have to join in too. Who in the hell can imagine Mummy walking for hours under the bloody hot sun. 

I look better than before but...


It just make the humans so happy that after the long hectic walk, I was walking like a 10 yr old dog.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Botanic Garden Walk

Our pawrents brought us to the Botanic Garden for a very very very long walk. All of us was so excited at the initial part of the walk which tired us out totally at the end.

I of cos was the most excited Jacks and I was surprised that my name was part of the walk. I am one famous JRT in singapore, hiak, hiak ,hiak.

We got to see waterfalls for the 1st time in our life, kinda of splashy and noisy, though I love swimming but it din appeal to me. I even saw a white giant bird, which was not so friendly, keep hissing at us, guess it won't taste good too.

Pawrents place us on to pose as bonsai, its great to have some shots break for our tiring paws. Gosh, we were all hanging our tongues out.

Pawrents was good to us by bringing ice cold water for us as walking on hot ground is definitely a test of our stamina. Mummy says I never gets to walk this long before and I was slowing down halfway through the walk.

After a 3 long hrs walk, we finally back to where we started and I was so tired that I could not move my butt, but when I knew I was going to BDR, I was almost fully charged. I was so happy I could play fetch with my new found toy but I was beaten by my tired muscles.

Overall I enjoyed myself but I am tired. Think I'll be having muscles ache for a few days.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trekking Trip again


Mummy say there will bring me for another trekking trip, this time to Botanic Garden for a long 7km walk. YES, I love it. I remembered I was there when I was a puppy. I miss running up the slopes. Looking forward to the weekends now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SKC Dog Show

Mummy brought me to the SKC Dog Show over the weekends, as usual we went with the Jackerteers gang and met up with a couple of frens there. There was Camry who won in the dog race, her Mummy was so proud of her. Mummy decided to let me join for the next SKC Dog Show, provided that she is able to wake up before noon, which I seriously doubt her on that.

But I did get something there, Mummy is so generous with her wallet, that she bought the 1st leather collar for me. Its a nice sweet pink, not suitable for me as the rest of the Jackerteers Pawrents commented, I should had the spikes collar instead. But Mummy insisted that I should have a more demure image to the public.

See below, it does looks good right.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Whats outside?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lucky and Egg

Don't know what he thinking now, to eat it or hatch it??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shine Disturb Ginger Sleep

Shine mei is curious why the cushion was moving and brave herself up to take a closer look, only to be scared by Ginger.

Jackerteers Trekking Trip

Early in the morning, Mummy and I meet up with the Jackerteers group and we went to Mount Faber. Wah, its out 1st time there and all the JRTs are so excited about it. Camry Jie and Belly didi with their pawrents join us in this trip too.

We walk and climb up Mount Faber in 2 hrs time. We even went up a very very high bridge, that scares Mummy a bit cos she is scared of heights.

Along the way, we attracted a lot of attention, this is obvious as we are a bunch of handsome and pretty JRTs. I noticed there a quite a few tourists who secrectly took pics of us.

After a good walk of 2 hrs, pawrents decided that we should work out more and decided to proceed to KDR, where they released us and they brought the famous K Laksa. We were having fun chasing the new friend Belly. Both of us look so alike in our looks, but than I was not friendly to him, Mummy was no happy about that at all.

Mummy is so tired and she certainly hoping this kind of trekking trip won't happen often. She is very lazy. But I like it a lot, so Godpas and Godmas, you must push Mummy to bring me wor.

The starting point

Stairs to heaven??? Mummy hate stairs

Having a break

Pawrents trying hard to make us stay for a group photo

We at the top

Me and Zhu mei

Fei Shine & her mummy

Its high up here


Camry & her mummy

Newcomer not welcomed haha

Me & Camry only gets along when we are offleash


Dirty Shine

See, Belly & I got the same makings