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Friday, October 31, 2008

Ginger is in for STOMP Million Dollar Kiss Contest

Mummy send our lovey pic to STOMP to enter the Million Dollar Kiss by STOMP. WE IN HAHAHA. Please show support and hope Mummy can win the top prize kekeke.

Copy the below link to see.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ah zai

The very 1st mongrel which I'm so attached to, was cruelly run over by a speeding lorry ystd nite. Been a faithful companion with us for 6 good years, he might not be the dog that recieved the most love from us, but everytime he will wag his tail and run to me whn I call out his name from far. 11/10/08 is the last time I saw him. Visiting him at the new factory and give him the last bath. He hates bathing but will not struggle and obediently let us finish bathing him.

I remembered bringing him back home for a nite and bring him onto the bus and mrt. He did not go to places like Ginger does, his whole life is around factory where there are his dog buddies and his owner S.

He shall be missed deeply and hope he be in God's good hands. Playing happily with Lucky and Bubbles.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

WJ playing with me

WJ which is my godma, she love playing ball with me, unlike my mummy. She always makes playing ball more fun thn just throw and fetch.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I hate my Mummy, recently she been putting too much attention on Lucky. I know he just had his balls removed but that does not mean that I should be loved any lesser. I hate both of them. They are getting more and more intimate and I been more and more neglected. I want Lucky out of my life.

See how Mummy and Lucky smiling so happily in the pics, and where am I har, NOWHERE!!!

He even took over MY BED, now I don't get to sleep with Mummy anymore. Though I got Godma, but I still want my mummy.

See the way he sleeps, no image at all.

And when I want Mummy to play ball with me, she makes me wait and ignore all my whining, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is this happening to me.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ginger & Lucky in photofunia

You may go to to try this out.

Hiding my treats

Ever since, Lucky that old ah uncle came to MY HOUSE, I've been forced to share whatever I OWN with him. I had to hide MY FOOD away from him. The safest place I can find is Godma's bed. Hahaha...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lucky is neutered

11/10/08, Lucky went for his long-waited op to remove his undescended testicles. He was of cause tensed and was scared when I left him there. But lucky for him, he only need to have a slit at the side of his penis instead of 2. He was totally shagged and was so thirsty and hungry. I had to be careful with him in order not to hurt him as he will ty to snap me if he's in pain.

Some pics of him.

He din like the collar and refused to move, so I had a plaster over his wound so he won't be able to lick it.

Falling asleep.

Ugly stiches and his penis now pulled to the side.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ginger & Lucky love playing ball

Both of them waiting for me to throw the ball to them.


This is too hilarious, Lucky is made into a faggot cos of Mummy and Godma.

A jrt act as a reindeer wearing a rainbow tee.

Lucky is unsure whats going to happen next

Lucky: Can you stop coming near me, Ginger.

I've been made a fool too by Godma, she enjoys making a laughing stock out of me.

Lucky was too tired to bother what he is wearing, he just want to sleep.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lucky so cute

Lucky after a long day of playing, he is dreaming himself as a cat. He licks himself non-stop while sleeping. So silly keke.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I love to sleep like a human

I know I am pampered but its not Mummy who spoilt me, its my fav Godma. She's the one who bought me all those fancy clothes for me. She specially placed a old pillow on her bed for me to sleep on. I like it so much as it gives me a sense of security. I love Godma too.

Anything for my ball

Below is a vid of me trying to get the ball that's stuck underneath Mummy's bed. Its all Lucky's fault, why must Mummy let him play with my ball.

thats me, see how kelian I am

Finally after all the effort, I'm tired.

Lucky the handsome JRT

Its been almost 2 months since I pet-sit him in my house. I realise beside being a super "Mark Ge" (a nick I gave him for marking territories so much). He is cute in a lot of ways. In my previous post, I posted saying he love pork ribs, so I attached below a video of him enjoying his big smoked pork ribs.

Initially when he came my house, I wanted him to be sleeping on the dog bed which Ginger had already abandoned to the corner of the house. But than, being soft-hearted, I just could not help but to let him sleep on my bed. Because of this, Ginger was angry with me and refuse to sleep with me at times.

Notice the hind leg, he does that even though he is sound asleep.

He might not be as white as Ginger, but he likes to make his fur shine too esp that part.