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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am a rocker

Godma thinks we both look so alike.

Do we look alike???

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Ermm, whats that???

Something to eat... or new ball??

Arghhh... its rubber band, I hate it, Godma... I HATE YOU.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jackerteers New Member

Proud to announce that Jackerteers had a new member joining us for our weekend outings. He is a handsome white wired jack, age 4 months old. He is a quiet but he is slowly watching and learning from his jie jie and the rest of the jackerteers. He response to his name the 2nd day Auntie J got him and he actually went to pee and poo on pee tray the 1st time he went to Auntie B and Uncle F house.

This is him @ BDR and Club4Paws for the past weekends. Though he is careful not to get into trouble with the big dogs, but he is enjoying himself running around, as for swimming, Mummy say I got to teach Zai well so he can swim as good as me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What I do at home

waiting for my food

do some stretching

see my beautiful eyes

i look so photogenic right

love sleeping on my godma bed

I've got sexy legs

on aircon, sleep well well

mummy & I

wht i do to my mum laundry

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ginger Swiimming @ Petsmover

Swimming in a small drain at Petsmover, not shiok at all.

Jackerteers @ Katong DR 1

Jackerteers @ Katong DR 2

Jackerteers @ Sunday outing


I still like swimming, though its a small drain @ Petsmover. Its small ok , I usually swam at a pool or sea leh.

Only I get to swim haha

Later at Katong Dog Run, we went crazy over green tea, I think its all due to the hot weather.

But wait, all the above are not important at all, as our pawrents are more excited about getting a new Jackerteer member. As most of you knew, Rain as the only male gets to enjoy the 4 great beauties, and so Zhu ma decide to get a male to join in our gang. Will update more if all is confirmed.

Pigeons Visit

For the past 1 week or more, this pigeon had been at our doorsteps every evening. It seems to have injured the wings, but than it be gone in the morning or afternoon time and will reappear when Mummy came back from work.

But today, it brought along its mate, now there are 2 pigeons at my door steps now.