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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas and Birthday Celebration

This year, Mummy kept my birthday celebration simple so she can spend it with her friends and my pawfrens.

On the eve of Christmas cum my birthday, Mummy brought me to Auntie E house for the 1st time and we had a lot of fun, I met a lot of new friends and I behaved well, Mummy was happy to meet up some long time no see friends and had a lot of fun bitching with them. As usual, I was so busy checking out the news dogs and also going around begging for human food.

And so the next day, Mummy woke up early despite only sleep for 4 hrs, she went to get the ingredients to make the delicious meat patties for the Jackerteers Christmas gathering cum me and Zai barkday celebration. Mummy specially made 2 giant patties just for me and Zai.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I love rubble

As usual, my routine for sat is to go for my S&A training. It was a hot morning and Mummy was sweating like a melting ice cream. The officer told Mummy I can proceed to search in rubbles now since I pass the room search with flying colours keke. I was so excited and without even anyone telling what I should do, I display my climbing skills infront of them.

Poor Mummy, she had to climb the rubbles with me and instruct where I should be going. She was so slow, not like me. She even had to climb a 45 degree slanted wall with me. Haiz, Mummy its time for you to seriously lose some more weight liao. I cannot be waiting for you all the time wor, muahahahaha...

Well, the training is getting more and more fun now and learning new things makes me so excited. I so looking forward the next training which I shall be climbing into the rubbles and of cause together with my fat Mummy.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Updates on CC

Hi for all who are concerned about how CC is doing now, she had went for her 2nd vaccine 2 days ago and she had been given steriods and anti-itch medication to stop her from scratching herself so her fur could grow.

Her condition had improved tremendously since the day I got her, she now had the looks of a prety MS and though she had lost almost all her teeth, she is coping well with her food.

However, she will need to be on a special diet from next week onwards, so as to know what food she is able to have in the future so won't trigger her skin condition again. She will need to be either goat meat and sweet potatoes or ZD diet which both are as costly whichever is chose.

See how much fur she had grown.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Mystery for Mummy

I gave Mummy a surprise when she got home, beside my pee tray, there is a leg from the toy I destroyed on sat. The mystery is, Mummy knew I had it in the stomach and she thought I had bite it to pieces, but there it is in a whole, and the puzzle is, there is no vomit and poo around it. Mummy kept asking me how did I manage to get it out of my stomach, but I hee, no way I'm telling her.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My performance being a S&A dog

Well, having been a S&A dog ( Search & Rescue) for the past few months, I will say I am talented being one. The officers had made me go for tougher and longer trainings seeing my fast progress.

Yesterday, I had done the 2 men search on the ground floor and found the 2 men around 15 mins with distractions and of cause, Mummy did not know where the victims are hidden. And than they decided I should go for the tougher ones, I got to search for the victim on the 2nd floor while I was on the ground floor, I managed to catch the scent after awhile, but was unsure I should be barking as I was on the ground floor, nowhere near the victim, but I decided I should bark to tell Mummy I found it.

Lastly, I have to search for victims on the rubbles at the ground floor and at the 2nd floor. I managed to do it too but I was not fast enough, got to brush up on that on the next training. Mummy also requested to let me search without my favourite toys and I manged to prove that I search on the scent of the humans and not my toys. Mummy was so happy to know that I am now a step more closer to be a S&A dog. Mummy say she hopes to see me in the S&A vest soon.

It ws tough and tiring but I enjoyed myself so much that I am so looking forward to the every training at the Mandai Training Village.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Long Time No See, HORT PARK

Mummy brought me to have a good walk at Hort Park during  the long weekends. Together with the rest of the Jackerteers of cos. Its been so long and Hort Park had changes quite a lot. The weather was so good and the Pawrents even found a good spot which they snap a group pics for us. We look like heros of singapore keke.