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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


in action.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Truth & Justice

Mummy just asked me a question, do I as a dog know how to define truth & justice. I looked at her and with my eyes I replied, YES.

Justice is, I get to sleep on a bed with my LG aircon on in the night. I get to eat fresh meat and bones. Rides to my favourite play spots and meet up with my paw friends.

Injustice is, my fellow brothers and sisters are forced to eat, sleep and shit in a small area, they were never bathed, never loved, never touched by a pair hands that show love to them. They have to bear with the torture of being used as a breeding machine, as months and years passed, they gets weaker and weaker, till death takes them free from their pain.

Truth is, I am also a product from breeding. But I am lucky that my Mummy never thought of using me as a breeding machine. I could have landed in some evil hands, I might never have experienced a life of fun and laughter. Truth is, I am just a dog, I can't decide my fate, I cannot make any decisions in my life, I cannot choose who is to be my owner, I cannot chose to be outdoor trained or paper trained, I cannot choose what I am going to have for my dinner, I HAVE NO SAY IN MY LIFE.

My fellow brothers and sisters could be living in hell now and when they are "out of production", they be dumped cruelly and might just die while I am sleeping on my cosy bed. Our fate lies in the hands of humans, being the lucky ones, I must be contented with what I have and be loved by my Mummy till my last breath.

Whats untrue is, there is no one in this world right now can overturn our ill-fated brothers and sisters life to be changed. Humans making use of sympathy to gain selfish gains for itself. Acting as a saint in the making, but in actual fact, its always been a sinner. God was mistaken for a devil, Satan was a Angel. With a small brain like mine, I only think of food now. HAHAHAHA...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

75 Puppy Mill Dogs

I think most of us had heard and read the stories of the poor 75 dogs from this local puppy mill at pasir ris. At 1st thought, we all feel so sorry for the dogs and want to do something to help them, and so a group of people step out and decided they should buy over all these dogs from the puppy mill owner so they will stop from the suffering of excessive breeding. I bet most of us will see them as saviours for the dogs. But I think otherwise.

Why should 11K be spent helping the puppy mill owner get rid of his/her burden. He/Her got 11K selling stocks that could no longer bring in profit. Bet in his/her heart, he/she must be laughing out loud.

As a group of people getting busy with cleaning up the dogs and gathering donations of food, medical or funds etc. Do they realise, that the puppymill owner had already set up another puppymill nearby and are ready for business soon. I will certainly feel like a stupid idiot if I were one of them.

And do they know am0ong them there is a devil who is actually friend of the puppymill owner, who helps spreading words about these poor dogs conditions, making use of human sympathy to help the owner get rid of his/her burden. OMG, this is even more infuriating than being cheated of 11K. Bet that Mr D had a share of profit.

To think Mr D was known being active in a shelter, always able to "RESCUE" ex breeding dogs, I guess by now we all know why. Why all ex breeding dogs are always dumped to a poor old lady to care for and yet after all the hardwork, the old lady get badmouthed at.

Guess what cause the old lady is old and ignorant, some despicable low-life make use of her name, getting monthly donations all into his own pocket, not a single cent was put to use for its cause.

If any of you think caring for shelter dogs is easy as clearing the pee and poo, preparing the food to make sure all are well-fed. You are absolutely wrong. I admire people like the old lady who expect nothing in return except that all her dogs will be alive and well.

Mr D, i hope u burn in hell. For those who believe in a devil like him, please wake up. Think back all that had happen, you realise just what a fool you been. Its not too late to stand on the right side of justice and truth.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I & MY Chicken

Today, when Godma got back from Malaysia, she brought back a friend for me. I really love it a lot, till I can fight Mummy just for it.