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Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Barkday

My once a year grand celebration is coming. But Mummy is having a headche where can I have my barkday celebration. 1st yr at dogoholics, 2nd yr was at hui function room, this year leh. Urban pooch might not be opened, Earth Cafe, Mummy don't like, My dog ate it, too far, den no more liao lor. Mummy, you better think of something ok, how can I have no cake, no nice food and friends on my big day wor.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


身为一只狗, 一只必须时时刻刻捍卫自身财产和尊严的狗。 身上有一点点的小伤是在所难免地。最近,我的脸上都是洞洞和伤疤, 只因为本小姐天生好胜,占有欲强,加精力旺盛,使得天生丽质的小脸蛋受了点小伤。


Monday, November 24, 2008

I love CX

She is Godma friend and once in awhile, she will come over to stay for the night and I love to make myself close to her as she is big and comfortable.

See how I'm trying to make myself comfortable even before she sleep, she will not push me away like Mummy and Godma, I love her keke.

I pood a

red colour poo. Mummy got a shock when she saw whats on the newspaper, she thought I pood blood. She was screaming for Godma to have a look, and they realised its red plastic bag that I ate. I always like to eat plastic bag, its a bad habit of mine.

Sorry for the jump, keke

Friday, November 21, 2008


Recently Godma bought this frm the food fest and I love it, its not so sweet and I love to eat the crumps Mummy drops. I look good with the box don't you think.

Last night

I woke up suddenly and I saw "something" leaning against my room wall. Its looking at me and my Mummy. I stood at the side of the bed and with all my brave and might, I BARK LOUDLY at that "thing".

Instead of getting scared and get out of the room, that "thing" keep coming closer. Mummy and Godma was oblivious what was happening and keep telling me to be quiet. Mummy held me close to her and tried to make me sleep. But how could I, that "thing" keeps looking at me, and even tried to tease me. I let out a low growl. Mummy knew something was wrong and so she comfort me.

I keep growling till morning and that "thing" left. Mummy was already sleeping. But I knew I had protected Mummy and Godma from harm. I am SUPER GINGER TAN.

Next time, think twice & thrice before coming to my room.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

To my unfortunate fellow doggies

As Mummy browsing through the websites and looking at pics and videos of ill-treated and abused doggies, I can't help but to say, I'm fortunate to have Mummy.

I am not a perfect dog, I'm not any way near a standard jrt show dog, I've got a aggressive temperament, I bite dogs, I'm picky about my food.

Compared to the strays and doggies that was abandoned and eventually died till to the fault of humans, I'm glad Mummy love me.

The more Mummy is exposed to the ugly doings humans can do to my fellow doggies, she is more than determined to make sure, I shall be with her till my end. She could not help to change the world but she is making sure I won't be on the list of abused doggies which had went over to the rainbow bridge.

Humans should treat all living things with respect, at least let us die with respect and dignity. How can we be dump like any trash. How can you not feed us when you want us. How could you not treat me when I'm sick due to your so called busy life you have with your friends.

All we want is a life with you and hope when the time comes, let me close my eyes while looking at your face.

P.S. Hope when years to come, we will be more appreciated more than just a toy. As we have feelings just like humans.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tanjong Beach with friends

A sunny Sunday to Tanjong Beach, today we got Puddles the Golden Retriever, Chester the Mini Shaunzer and Oscar the Husky. All accompanied by their Daddys and Mummys.

Its great fun and as usual, I'm a loner, I only love to play fetch and swim in the sea. The sea was so cool yet not so calm that day. But that's not a problem to me at all.

Pics taken by Puddles Ma.

Oscar Ma decided that I should be sacrificed to humor all humans, see what they did to me. I almost could not make it home.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm prepared to

start my obedience training all over again. Why? Cos I'm been misbehaving again. Mummy is so pek chek that I'm starting to attack other dogs in the dog run again. She is thinking to start the obedience training all over this weekend. I got to put on my choker chain again wherever I goes and got to muzzled if I show signs of aggression.

I'm really one choi ah lian, I growl whenever I'm being disturbed. Like I will growl when Godma touches me when I'm sleeping, growl when she wants to carry me, growl when she blow at my face, well she tolerate it all. But Mummy is angry that I show such disrespect. I love godma cos I can do all these to her and she is happy about it, as for Mummy, I got to be punished if I do all these to her.

Mummy say this sat, she be waking up early to bring me to the park and train me for an hr. Got to be prepared to have a painful neck liao.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I wish for

another dog. For a long time, I've been thinking about getting another dog, not a jrt. Most probably a male as I think Ginger can tolerate a male but not a female as she is such a aggressive female herself.

Seeing Serene, Elaine and Enrica having 2 or 3 dogs is really envying. Its not only for myself but also I hope Ginger will learn to accomodate another dog in her life and will learn not to be aggressive towards other dogs. I really din expect her to be aggressive and I know its partly my fault that she became what she is now.

But than giving my situation, I guess got to wait for another 5 years after I can afford to have my own house.

Ginger, meanwhile can you try for the sake of gai gai and mummy, try to more docile.

Ginger & Elmo

Ginger hunting her fried chicken

Lucky is missed...

Ya, though I always said I hate this old uncle, but than somehow, life without him is bored. Yesterday, alone in the house while its raining, its such a boring day that I started to miss him. Miss the days when I can bully him and pin him down. Just when I started to like him around me, Mummy send him back. Think its not a bad idea to have another dog in my house.

Mummy, bring Lucky home to stay for a few days is fine to me, you know, only A FEW DAYS ok. And tell him don't lay on my sexy butt.

Below is the most unglam pic of Lucky sleeping bhind Mummy's back. Incorrigible.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Amazing Maggie

This is one amazing JRT, which Mummy found in youtube. She can resist food and she counts. Blah, whatever, I'm happy with what I am.

Lucky & I

09/11/08, Lucky is going back to home after being with me for 2 mths. Mummy bought him a new bed as present as Lucky is used to sleeping on the bed with us, Mummy is worried he won't be used to sleeping on the floor.

I'm quite happy as I can have no one fighting with me over my food, toys, and attention. But than I think Mummy gona miss him a lot. But that doesn't matter as I am still Mummy only love.

I'm actually quite used to having him around, having a playmate is not bad for me thats what Mummy said. And I kinda agreed on that as I won't be so lonely when Mummy left for work.

A pic of us sleeping together.

My new transport

Mummy bought me something which I can use it when I go for my gai gai. Its a luggage carrier. As for those who live in singapore, you should had encounter incidents like fierce taxi uncles who dont like dogs and my mummy and I had to wait very long till we can get one so having a carrier will help a lot in this.

But than as a JRT who likes freedom, the past carriers mummy bought simply irks me, I can't move a inch at all and I will simply jump out from it.

This is the only one which suits me, I can sleep inside, sit upright and I have a better view of the outside. And also its less tiring for mummy as weighing at a weight of 7.05kg, Mummy may look strong but she is weak lor. She always gets tired easily carrying me in the previous carrier. She is happy that I go in this carrier without her pushing me inside.

As for me, I'm gona sleep inside this carrier everyday as I really like it.