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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boy Boy The Jrt for adoption

Posting on behalf:

BoyBoy, 6 years old, needs a new home. Owner is now living in a rented apartment and dogs are not allowed. A very obedient boy, just a little active. He's toilet trained.

Interested parties please contact 98539563.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meetup with Renji, Rin Rin and Fuji

Sat was boring as Mummy went to visit some stinky dogs again, today Mummy brought me out together to Renji house to play and I was tramatised by 2 giant pigs. But I get to bully a little ones. Mummy was busy taking pics of her and sending email that she ignore my pleas for help. But Renji Mummy was happy to have me over as I found all the long lost toys under the sofa, hey whats a Search and Rescue dog for, this is just a small feat.

Fuji the Survivor looking for home

Posting on behalf of rescuer:

Fuji the mongrel puppy was found on PIE near Eng Neo a week ago, she was knocked over by a car and was send in by my friend who was behind that car. The vet said she suffered minor fracture on the jaw and dislocated her right shoulder. She is now taken care by my friend and is ready for adoption. She is around 3mths old and has fade brown markings on the forehead and a small patch on the body. She is a quiet girl who will stay in the kitchen without supervision. She is ok with both dogs and humans and shown no signs of aggression. She is presently on kibbles and milk.

Follow-up to the vet will be 3 puppy vaccinations.

To contact the rescuer, please call 9851 5670.

**Adopter must sterilize, microchip and license.

**Not HDB Approved

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In a cold night

Weather been so cold lately that I need to get some protection, even if it means depriving of Mummy's sleep.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st Search & Rescue Training in 2011

This morning, Mummy brought me to MTV for my Search & Rescue Training. Its been few weeks since I went there. From the new home, Mummy as usual got to get a cab in order to bring me there, well I heard from her its so much more costly than before but I told her it din bother me much, haha.

Today, for the 1st time Mummy had to partner with Joey's Mummy to search for the victim, we had 3 blocks to cover and it took us around 45 mins to cover the area. In the end, Senpai Joey found the victim and not me, as the officer actually trick me, they planted the victim after I had search the area. Mummy was puzzled at first how could I miss it. Well, Mummy its not important as I don't use my talent to earn a living, all I wanted was fun you know.

I did some incredible jumps today. I jump up a height higher than Mummy waist from a standing position. And I manage to squeeze myself through a fence to search. Overall, its a tiring workout for me today and I really enjoy myself.

The 1st vid below shows the steps that I jump up to, its a MRT train cabin, and the 2nd vid show piles of woods where the victim is hidden after I had search the place.

A very happy me posing.

Mummy asked about the training for the Fire Investigation Training Programme for me today, she was told about the side effects of the training and decided its not for me as she felt its not healthy for me in the long run so I shall stick to just being a Search and Rescue dog.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Search for Mummy... falied

The 2nd day when I was at the new home, Mummy went out in the morning saying she need to go back to the old place to clean up, she told me SPECIFICALLY to be a good girl and play with Uncle when he is back. And as usual she lure me to the kitchen and put on my bark collar and lock my using the baby gate.

I obeyed her all this while till I saw her opening the door and went off, my crying went off. I keep calling out to her and try to jump over the baby gate, she totally ignore me, SOB...

Few hours later, Uncle came back and I was excited as I want him to let me out to find Mummy, I told him I knew the way back to the old place, but of cos he wouldn't understand me at all since I haven't taught him. I decided to squeeze myself out of the gate and run off.

I try to pick up Mummy scent and went off to look for her, but I couldn't find her at all. Just when I was staying at a place which is strange to me, a hand picked me up. It was Uncle, he was running looking for me and he told me he called Mummy told her I ran off. He told me Mummy was crying when he told her about it over the phone.

Oh NOoooooo, Mummy gona beat me up jialat jialat !!!

Mummy words: Of cos I never beat her la, not her fault mah, but she really too naughty liao. Haiz, got to go get a mesh for the gate soon, can't take any of these things again.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello 2011

My 1st post of the new year, is I have moved to a new place. Its bigger and CLEANER, though Mummy had to pay a bit more but its ok, I told her to go on a diet. Muahahaha...

Though I was stressed initially as I thought Mummy wanted to dump me, I keep whining and barking that I had a shock on my throat. I knew that was not a good thing when Mummy wore it on me.

The morning at the new place was something different, I was woke up by the chirping of birds from the opposite block, the sun was warm and nice. Mummy carried me up to see the view from our room, I like it.

2011, a brand new year for me and Mummy.