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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm a JRT on a rojak diet, I can eat kibbles, HCF & BARF at the same time, no problem at all. I've been trained well under my Mummy. She believe if 1 day I were to be lost, I can survive anywhere. I even get to eat human food at times.

Let me share with you what I've eaten for HCF.

1. Lamb with vegetables brown rice.
Slices of Lamb, bits of carrots, a little green veges, plus nutritious brown rice, just put all into the rice cooker and any dog will love it, before giving add a bit of sesame oil for the fragrance.

2. Chicken rice
Its just like cooking normal chicken rice, put the whole drumstick and cook with the rice together in the rice cooker, shred the meat before serving, you may give the dog a bite on the joints. Its irrisistable.

3. Potatoes Meat Patties
Minced meat and potatoes, cook the potatoes with the skin on and peel it off after soaking it in cold water, it makes the skin peel off easily. Chop the potatoes into dices and mixed it with the miced meat. Make the patties into a size for easy consumption, roll the patties for a thin coat of flour and pan fried it. You may bake this if you got a oven.

Ok thats for all. Hope fellow doggies Mummy and Daddy can try this at home.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Snowman

I like this snowman which was given by Auntie F. Its a christmas present from her, though I always gets in her nerves, she love me still haha.

Its gone now as I chew it to pieces within 1 day. At least it serves its purpose in the world before its dumped.

Pets are affected in Recession

SINGAPORE: The recession seems to be affecting not just individuals but their pets too. Animal welfare groups report a jump in pet abandonment due to financial difficulties.


Although there is more awareness now on pet responsibility, several animal welfare groups said Christmas is definitely not the jolliest time for them.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said it received an increase in the number of animals in the lead up to the festive period.

Last month, they received 700 animals, 125 of which were pedigree dogs. And almost two—thirds of that number never gets claimed.

Deirdre Moss, executive officer, SPCA, said: "There seems to be a surplus of pedigree dogs. And they do make up half of our total dogs that we take in each month. There are a lot of people out there who may be buying dogs on the spur of the moment, especially near Christmas time. We want them to be very sure of what they’re taking on."

Compared to previous years, SPCA said it has seen a slight fall in the number of animals abandoned this festive period.

But one animal welfare group, Action for Singapore Dogs, has seen a 20 to 30 per cent increase in the number of people giving up their pets because of financial difficulties.

However, it said the loss of jobs or income is not a good enough reason to give up a pet.

Ricky Yeo, president, Action for Singapore Dogs, said: "If you sit down and think about it rationally, there are always solutions or alternatives. You could probably cut down on luxuries like grooming and treats."

"We certainly hope that people will hold on to their dogs and pets during this time of crisis because, actually, they can be helpful in relieving stress and they’re good companions," Ms Moss added.

The SPCA is also partnering various cinema chains to educate people not to buy pets on impulse.

Some animal welfare groups are calling for higher fines for pet abandonment and more education at the point of purchase. — CNA/vm

Its bullshit that any owner will think of abandon their pet cos of recession, its too unfair for the loyal pets that had been with you for years. Its absolutely unforgivable.

Mummy is so ugly and evil

I want to be put up for adoption, how can I live a life like this anymore. Mummy she is a crazy bitch who don't even let me sleep in peace. She is a devil, I want to change Mummy.

From Mummy:
Ah Gin har, Mummy only fun is to disturb you mah, Mummy still love you a lot wan. Why not you try to curb your temper, you also very fierce to me in the video you know.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas cum Barkday

Its indeed the time for good food and meeting lots of friends. I was kept busy with all the entertainment that I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a monster size JRT. All the turkey and ham is filling me up. I was having such great fun at Auntie F's christmas party, got to have a bit of nibble here and there. It makes a JRT happy keke.

When back at home, Godma prepared a log cake to celebrate my actual barkday, but than I was so full with all the good stuff over at Auntie F house, that I look so sian. But than, I love Mummy and Godma MUACKS.

My new year resolution is, I HOPE TO BE FAT IN EVERY CHRISTMAS.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Barkday Video

My pressie

Hahahahahahaha, I'm a happy dog, I've got so many presents and just this barkday, I got 4 different balls. Its makes a jrt so happy kekeke.

Monday, December 22, 2008

BarkDay Pics Pt 2

I'm 3 yr old

Mummy organized a barkday celebration for me in advance and invited lots of friends for me. I was suspecting somethings when she and Godma was always discussing of what to prepare for the doggies and humans for this day.

Mummy woke up early to prepare the meat patties that she thought it be great to have something to make sure that all the doggies gets enough to eat. She bought 2kg of minced pork and 8 potatoes. It took her 2 hrs to make 40 over patties. And the response was good. I hope she makes them more often.

I was dressed up by Godma for the day too, she let me wear the dress which she bought from her Taiwan trip. She was excited to meet all my friends too. Thanks to Godma and Mummy for all the effort.

And finally, thanks to all who turned up, I was ah lian as usual and Mummy muzzle me as punishment cos I was nasty to JoJo, but thn after a while I was mixing well with all the dogs.

Pics of the day.

Mummy busy making the patties and all this while, I'm waiting to have the 1st bite keke, Mummy say this is the only time I'm guai.