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Monday, June 29, 2009



Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jackerteers @ Hort Park

Mummy was planning to go WCDR but than since we were there yesterday and Mummy just feeling better after her urinary infection, she decided to go with the other Pawrents to to go to Hort Park. We were there for a short walk of 2 hours. We explore other areas which we din get to go the 1st time we were there. We went to the Tree Top Walk Bridge and Mummy was so scared that she dare not look down at all. Pawrents manage to get us to sit together for a few groups photos. And while we doing this, we attracts a lot of attention from strangers too.

During the walk, we found that there are other dogs too as, Mummy saw huge poo on the floor, irresponsible dog owners. PICK UP THE POO!!! Its your job. We already have so little places to go in small Singapore, don't make them ban us.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun @ WCDR

Today after shopping at Anne's Pets for our food supplies, pawrents brought us to WCDR and as usual we had a lot of fun chasing after balls (rain & me), and chasing after other dogs. Just as we about to leave, the huskies from another group came and surround us and Mummy was thinking in her heart how cute they are, when she heard the hukies owner commented that its better not to let the huskies mixed with us the smaller breeds as if there were a fight, they will be the one being blamed cos they are so much bigger thn us.

Mummy in her heart was kinda pissed with their kind of attitude, cos our pawrents were taking it easy as we loved to play with other dogs not matter what breed except for me maybe. But thn coming to a dog run isn't it all abt playing with other dogs meh. Why must big dogs play with big dogs and small dogs play with small dogs. Recently, there have been a few cases which big dogs attack smaller dogs, some of it was husky but thn do all huskies bite or will kill all small dogs in their sight?? Should all small dogs owner discriminate big dogs owner cos of a few cases they knew over the news or forums and stay far far away from big dogs??

Control your dog no matter big or small, be responsible. Mummy is also trying hard as she got me. A not friendly JRT but I still get to go out and play. As Mummy believed that I should be given the chance to live like a dog and I am becoming better as I grow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mistreated Mongrel Boy for Adoption

My friend she is helping this poor boy, pls help to spread the words for this boy.

Freud, a male black mongrel is up for adoption. He turns 3 in September. For some lame reason, the owner of Freud has not been taking good care of him. She has decided to put him up for adoption as she doesn't have the time to look after him anymore. I am taking over his care til i can find him a good home. He is extremely skinny. I will be bringing him to the vet this weekend for a full check up. Other than that, he seems ok. He's active and alert, sweet with humans and very intelligent. He knows the basic commands but could do better with proper training. It's quite a typical case, family gets new dog, old dog is thus confined to the balcony. For more than a year that is where Freud has been spending his days and nights, with hardly any walk time anymore. He has not been socialised with dogs in a long time so I'm uncertain if he can get along with other animals. I will be sending him for boarding this weekend, however if someone is able to foster him, I think it will be better for him as Freud would do a lot better with human attention. I will be able to pay for his food and necessary medical expenses during his foster period. Please note that no adoption/rehoming fee is required, however you will need to spay him and allow me to pay initial home visits to check on his well-being. You will also be required to sign adoption papers. Interested fosterers or adopters please call me anytime, at 81131370.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tanjong Beach, totally burnt out

Today was a exciting Saturday morning, I am at Tanjong Beach again, and this time, we have DoDo, MoMo, Camry jiejie, Chevro, Cayenne, Belly & Button joining us. We celebrated Belly didi 2 yr old barkday today, he is the jrt that looks like me, isn't he handsome haha.

Its a bright sunny morning and of cos as the best swimmer among them, I totally enjoyed myself, but the humans decided to tire me out totally by making me swim while dragging them. Its all started with Uncle Frasir and Auntie Bee hong which is still ok, they not that heavy. But than the naughty Uncle Tang decided to have his share of fun and I have to pull a 70++ kg him. I am so tired that I have to go up the surfboard to rest after all these. Mummy din come to save me at all, WWWWWHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYYY...

After Sentosa, we decided to go to WCDR where the humans had their Mac meals and we were so tired that we din run much. Now as usual, I am dead tired now. Do enjoy the pics below.