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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I am Ginger Tan

Hi to all, I guess I am quite well-known in the dogs world as a choi ah lian. Thats the description often when ppl saw me. Actually I am a demure, soft but just loud spoken JRT. I love my mummy very much. Everyday, when she reach home from work, I will jump from her bed and make her hug me, I will give her lots of lick to let her know how much I miss her while she was away. I truly is a affectionate girl right.

I want Mummy all by myself, call me selfish but Mummy is all I have, so is she. I'm all she got. Why my love for Mummy is so deep cause she will buy me the best quality food she can afford, toys she thinks I will play and most of the time she buy the right stuffs, like the ball launcher, I love playing fetch you see. She will bring me out to dog runs, beach, any places she can bring me to, so I can see more of the country I'm staying.

I don't love making friends but than she hopes that I can be more friendier so she makes me met a lot of other dogs, but than I think myself as a human more than a dog, she thinks I should change since as a pup I just hates other dogs coming near me. So ok than, I change abit but I still hates dogs.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ginger No.1 fear in life

Ginger she might be lian, aggressive, bold in many ways, but no matter how bold she is, there is always something which she fear in her life. She will run, act ke lian, go to her godma for help, but she will never escape from this.


Funny pics of Ginger Tan Ah Lian

Ginger in danger zone

Ginger is always a bold-hearted JRT, who's 天不怕地不怕,最怕没人爱。

Whn she was just a 7 weeks old pup

I was sound asleep when this pic was taken.

Ginger & her dress

I guess most dog owners will want to dress their dog up. Me too, and Ginger she did have a lot of clothes. But among all her clothes, dress is the least of all. Reason is, she don't look good in a dress, just like her mummy ME.

She just look so awkward in a dress. A lot of people will think of her as a male dog rather than a female dog. Most of all, she don't behave like female dog at all. She marks while having her walk, she hump other dogs, she guards her property, things that male dogs do, she done it all.

Pic of her in a dress
She look like a tomboy, haizzzz...

She certainly looks more happier wearing this

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lucky love pork ribs

Its been a while since I pet-sit Lucky. He is a very good boy, except he gets into small fights with other dogs when I brought him to the dog run.

I realised he loves to chew on bones a lot like ginger, so yesterday I gave each of them a smoked pork rib.

Food possessive, take pic oso cnnt.

A big lick

Sleep soundly after nite snack

Me disturbing him keke

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ginger loves to play ball

Ginger getting ready to get the ball.

What wonderful display of body works from a healthy JRT. Especially the mouth keke.

See the nice "S" shape body.

Finally a smile to end the day

Friday, September 19, 2008


Just saw this vid on youtube. So touching. Will Ginger thinks like xiao bai each time i go to work and came home tired and did not spend time playing with her?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunny outing at Sentosa

Was out to Sentosa with Oscar ma, Chester Pa & Ma and Storm Pa & Ma. Its was a sunny day, the sea was cooling. Its was always a enjoyable trip each time we went there. Ginger absolutely enjoys herself. She was whining in the car hoping Chester Pa would drive faster. Once there as usual, she will dash out and jump straight into the sea.

Lucky, this is the 2nd time I brought him there. He still scared of being in the sea, he just hates getting himself wet. But than, he doesn't had much of a choice, I still get to dump him into the sea and make him swim a little by swimming to the opposite shore and he will follow as though I will abandon him.

Below are the pics of the day.

Some of the nice food we had

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ginger Covergirl

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Mummy super busy day

Today, Mummy was so busy that though its a Saturday, she woke up at 8am, I was still so asleep till I saw her took her bag and put collar on Lucky. She's gona bring us out to gai gai so early? Nah, she dump me behind, that made me so sad that I cry and whine for 1 hour before Godma bother to wake up and console me.

Ginger, my bao bei nu er, not that mummy want to dump you at home, but Lucky got to go to the vet today to be neutered. You know both his testicles are hidden in the stomach and Mummy got to help Sharon Godma settle this for her as she is busy. So please forgive Mummy ok.

Anyway, Lucky did not get to have the op afterall, as his liver and white blood cells level overshot and was advised by Doc Kasey Tan to let Lucky to have the Liver Tonic for 2 weeks and bring him back for a review. Hope all goes well for him. He is still a young boy, wonder why he got liver problem. Anyway get to see a few vute pups and dogs there.

the chow chow and the border collie having a showdown???

The cute chow chow, very guai and gentle

A cute 4 month old maltese pup

Another cute maltese

After that, was prepared to have a good rest, chester ma sms asking want to go to "My dog Ate It". Its a newly open pets cafe. So thinking since nothing to do, why not. So went there, the place is not what I expected. Pond small and dirty. Got to be member in order to use the facilities and each time we go still got to pay $5. Its so ex. Not to mention, they say got to let our dogs go through a temperamental test, that actually sounds good to me, but than after we went into the compound, a CKCS pound onto Chester, I was thinking this is so called good temper dog!!! What is their defination of a good temper dog, I know my ginger cannot make it haha.

Get to have a few short chats with MoMo owner cum owner of the cafe. JIA YOU, you can do it.

After that, we head to Bishan dog run after a call from Storm Ma. So do enjoy the pics and videos I taken.

Nika the female husky, don't be scared, she might look fierce here but she really is a sweetie

Ginger having fun playing fetch with this kid, thanks for playing with ginger keke

Cute, manja dashund pup, always running back to the owner

Another cute mongrel pup

Cute Roo Roo, its so difficult to get a shot of her

Oscar and Storm having fun playing chase

Yan Dao Chester

Lastly, it ends with ginger and the sunset. WAHHHHH

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ginger super love mummy

She really loved me, I knew it all along, but recently she's been showing it off too much. I need to breath.


Mummy is super pissed when she heard this news. Its the 3rd time this year the fares of public transport went up. Her salary remains stagnant as usual. She is pissed despite that the increase did not make her able to bring me on any of the public transport except taxis. Even taxis reject her most of the times.

Keep on raising yet the service sucks like hell. Bus drivers drives and brakes making old folks fell down, taxis driver complain that I stink when Mummy use a $20++ shampoo on me. Haizzzzzzz

Bus and train fares up on 1 October
Posted: 12 September 2008 1032 hrs

SINGAPORE - Most bus and train journeys except those for children, students and national servicemen, will see fare changes from 1 October 2008.

The Public Transport Council (PTC) has given the green light for an overall net fare adjustment that will result in fare changes that will range from a 7-cent reduction to a 4-cent increase per journey.

Adult EZ-Link fares on buses and trains and the senior citizen concession EZ-Link fare, will see a flat increase of 4 cents per ride.

However, this will be offset by the 15-cent increase in transfer rebate from the current 25 cents to 40 cents.

Public transport operators have also decided that they will bear 10 cents out of the 15-cent increase in the transfer rebate.

Therefore, fares for most adult or senior citizen concession journeys will see a range of adjustments, from an increase of 4 cents for a direct journey with no transfer, to a reduction of 7 cents for a journey with one transfer.

According to the PTC, journeys with more transfers will see a greater fare reduction, ranging from 18 cents for a journey with two transfers and 29 cents if there are two transfers.

To fund the higher transfer rebate, transport operators will give up more than $30 million in fare revenues annually. As for the remaining 5-cent increase in the transfer rebate, the PTC said it will be redistributed amongst commuters, as they will benefit from it.

Chairman of the PTC, Gerard Ee said "by raising the transfer rebate this year and making the operators absorb a larger part of the cost, we managed to strike a balance and keep the overall net fare adjustment to just 0.7%, much lower than the fare cap of 3%."

“This decision comes after careful deliberation, testing many permutations and scrutinising the impact on both operators and commuters."

In a news release, the PTC also announced a new maximum EZ-Link fare-band, with an additional 5-cent increase for long-distance rides on buses and trains.

As for cash fares for adult bus and train rides, which have not been adjusted since 2005, they will increase by 10 cents across the board.

The PTC said that it considered during its deliberations, Singapore’s economic outlook, the affordability of public transport and the fare review mechanism adopted since 2005.

It noted that the public transport affordability indicator had been on a down-trend over the past five years, indicating that fares have remained affordable for most commuters.

To further safeguard commuters’ interests, the PTC said it checked on the ROTA (Return-On-Total-Assets) of transport operators and was satisfied that their profit levels were not excessive compared to other industries with similar risk profiles.

The PTC believes that the changes to distance-based fares with transfer rebates will impact 64 percent of commuters based on the current pattern of public transport journeys made using EZ-Link cards.

Most public transport users should see an adjustment in their weekly public transport expenditure that could range from an average increase of 18 cents per week, or about $10 a year; to even a reduction in expenditure.

As for the rest of commuters who typically make direct journeys, they should see an average increase of 23 cents a week, or $12 a year.

- CNA/sf

Left nose, right nose breathing therapy

We have left, right nose, is that the same for inhale and exhale?
其實不一樣 ,可以感覺不一樣;右邊等於是太陽的意思,左邊等於是月亮 .
Actually they are different, can feel the difference; right side represent the sun, left side represent the moon.

平常頭痛時可以用手把右邊鼻孔關起來,只用 左 邊鼻孔吸氣、吐氣,約五分鐘,頭痛 就好了。
When having headache, try to close right nose and use your left nose to do your breathing, about 5 min, headache will be gone.

如果疲倦、累了,相反的關起左邊的鼻孔,只用 右 邊吸氣、吐氣,不用多久,馬上 精神 好起了。
If you feel tired, do it the opposite round, close your left nose and breathe through your right nose. After a while, you will feel your mind is fresh again.

Right side belongs to heat, so it gets hot easily, left side belongs to cold.

Most of the girls breathe with their left nose, so their heart gets cold easily.

Most of the guys breathe with their right nose, so they get angry easily

Do you notice the moment we wake up, which side breathes faster? Left or right?

If left is faster, you will feel tired. So, close your left nose and use your right nose for breathing, you will get refresh quickly

This can be taught to kids, but the effect will be better if apply by elders.

以前我曾經頭痛,痛得非常厲害,去看醫生,醫生說:你去結婚就好了!(眾笑) , 醫生說得沒錯,他有理論根據。
I used to have headache, it was so painful, go to doctor, doctor told me: it will be all right if you married! (All audients laugh), doctor does not bullshit, what he said is supported with proofs.

That time, every night I am having headache problem, not able to study, I did take medicine, but that is not a good way.

One night, I sit down and close my right nose and breathe with left nose, less than one week, my headache problem is gone! I continue to do it one month, from that night until today, headache does not attack me anymore.

This is what I experienced myself, I told others, if headache, can try this way, because this is effective for me. Many people have tried and it works for them as well. This is a natural therapy, not like medicine, taking for long term will get side effect. So, why not try it out?

Always breathing your body can feel very relax.

Wish everyone is well and healthy, and advice people must do good and act good.


Forums I am active in

Ever since I got Ginger, I started to surf dogs and pets forums. Initially, got a lot of bad experience from the old birds as they are so stagnant in their thinking. Its a long story, not worth saying much.

I like going to dogsforum, petschannel and doggisite. These 3 are the best, informative and lots of gossips of cause. Best is can meet other dog owners who are friendly and nice to chat with.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


They just could not leave you alone while you eat. After a day's at work, this is what my friend got to face each time she ate her dinner.