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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My new food

Last Saturday morning, Mummy receive a parcel, as a super dog I knew it was for me. Mummy said I was chosen to try out Addiction raw dehydrated food, well as a dog who sleep and play whole day long, I certainly HAVE NO IDEA what was that. Anyway, I was made to pose happily beside the parcel.
 Mummy open the parcel and start to prepare the food for me, she poured warm water to the dehydrated food and the nice smell from it perked me up immediately. I waited as patiently as  I could and when I finally get to have my first bite of it, I like it so much it was gone in a minute.

After on it for a week, I am still as greedy for it as I was on day one. I am sure Mummy will get it for me.

Mummy words:

I am glad that Ginger like Addiction so much that every morning I be able to see her finish it all before I left for work. Ginger she will always refuse to eat her kibbles till she is really hungry or she will wait till I reach home after work, only than she will eat the kibbles which was left for her in the morning. I always try to change the flavours, brands of kibbles she eat so she will not get tired eating the same food. Seeing her waiting at my side while I prepare Addiction dehydrated food, I know this is the food she likes. I used to have doubts on this brand as I could not believe that dehydrated raw food will be as good as BARF which Ginger was having for a couple of years. I gave up giving BARF because of my busy work schedule, I simply got not time to prepare a 2 weeks supply at one go in the fridge for her. And she often will not finish it too.

From day 1, I mixed Addiction with some of her kibbles and I observe her poop the next day, I find that Ginger had no problems with digesting it and so by day 3 I decided to give her just Addiction. The following days was so easy when it comes to feeding her, and I do notice she had not scratch so much as before. For the sample she is having right now, it is packed with Over 45% Wild Brushtail, rich in Omega 3 for Healthy Skin and Coat, some crunchy Sunflower Seeds thats full of Fiber, Vitamin E & Minerals. I hope she will continue to love eating Addiction.