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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I went for my dental scaling, its so scary!!!!

Today Mummy brought me to the place I detest the most, THE VET. She said my mouth is too smelly due to over kissing from Rain. So I better get rid of it since she say I like to kiss humans so much.

I was gased and lost a small molar tooth at the back, Denise the vet jie jie says I must ask Mummy to brush my teeth everyday if I don't want to see her in a very long time. Well actually, she don't want me to "SING" to her. Denise jie jie complained to Mummy that the moment I woke up, seeing her face, I started to scream, even when she tried to pacify me, I as a 6 yr old healthy, pretty and brave dog as humans and dogs know me to be, pee and poop on her.

I am back home, sleeping now after the long day.

Below is the pics of my before and after dental pics, and some other random pics of today ordeal.


My Medicine

My tooth

My lockup area