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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bacteria Infection on my skin

Mummy brought me to see Doctor Denise again, recently I been scratching till my skin bleed and having bumps all over. Mummy decided to forgo my training today and bring me to see Doctor Denise. I was so scared that when Mummy took me out from the bag at the clinic, she saw me tearing.

I was given "ANTIHISTAMINE" as Mummy do not wish to put me on steriods which will have side effects on my body. Mummy say I am disfigured, too ugly now.

After that, Mummy brought me for a short walk at Bedok Reservoir, how I wish I could jump in and swim.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My new bed

Today, Mummy was back from work later than usual. But she bought home a present for me. She got me a new comfy bed. My old one is no long soft and smelly Lucky slept on it when he was over for CNY. I'm glad to know that Mummy still cares a lot about my feelings knowing I am very possessive over my personal stuffs.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jackerteers CNY TJ Beach & Katong Dog Run

Pawrents decided to bring all of us for a morning sunny swim at Tanjong Beach. Today is also the day which little Dawn and Benji swam for the 1st time. Dawn was swimming in an awkward style but she is not afraid of the sea at all. As for Benjo didi, he swam fast and in a nice position. Guess he will soon overtake me as the best swimmer in Jackerteers.

After the swim, Pawrents intended to make us all sleep well through the rest of the day, and so off we go to Katong Dog Run. As usual, we play fetch and chase. But there is a little love growing between Dawn and Zai, they were like little lovers in the making.
Handsome Zai
Bubble w Mummy, she still don't like swimming
Serving fresh JRTs on surfboard

Me swimming in the deep deep sea
Dawn w Mummy
Lonely Lucky on the shore
Me swimming again
I wnt to swim again
Benji hanging onto his daddyBig head Dawn
Big head Rain

Lucky in the shade, scared to lose all his fats
Rain running with the ball in his mouth, he's getting better at fetching nowadays Treats time
Benji showing his V-shaped tongue

Dawn: are u my white stallion?
A group pic of 9 Jrts, who can beat this.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Weird Sleeping Positions

Me and my BF Lucky had different sleeping hibits, 1st of cos we don't sleep together. 2ndly, I have a big bed with comfortable pillow, he just likes to sleep on my old bed.
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A afternoon walk

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