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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ah Boy & Lucky stay over for CNY

This year, my house ismore cramped than usual as besides Lucky, Ah Boy is also staying over for CNY. Their family is on a holiday and so Mummy forced me to take in both of them. I was not happy lor.

But Mummy been cooking for us for the past few days, that makes me feels so much better. Its been lonf since I've had Mummy cooked for me.

The boys all so lazy compared to me, they sleep after meals and so did Mummy, haiz. What a CNY this year.

Lazy BOY

Lucky fat butt

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Tiger New Year

Monday, February 1, 2010

I am being sent away again

Mummy sent me to Rain and Shine home today as she is going for a holiday. Its her 1st holiday since she had me, so relectantly, I allowed her to go and relax before starting on her new job.


Changi Beach Walk & Katong Dog Run

Its been a long time since I've blog. As Mummy was busy and bad things happened, she is not in a mood to let me use her macbook. But not to worry, as she still brings me out during weekends and I am still enjoying my life as a spoilt JRT.

Its a nice sunny sunday morning, and Mummy brought me to Changi Beach. Its a nice walk with nice scenery, nice smell of the sea but I am not allowed to swim as Mummy say its dirty. Well nevermind, I can always go TJ Beach.

After the walk, the hoomans drove us to Katong Dog Run, where they had their lunch and we had fun playing in the dog run as there were not other dogs.